Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The biggest savings from solar is actually in the self consumption, not selling your excess power. Solar is currently the cheapest source per kwh that you can buy, and with increasing electricity rates it continues to be the most cost effective option for smart home owners.

A standard 6.6kw system price will vary based on the complexity and location of your installation as well as which rebates you qualify for. 

In VIC our 6.6kw systems start from $2,800 and in QLD they start from $5,200.

Contact us for a tailored quote as pricing can vary depending on your situation.

The best way to answer this is by booking in for an no obligation consultation with one of our specialists, who can analyse your power bill and custom design a solution based on your situation.

Fair Solar have fully certified installation teams down the east coast of Australia in all major capital cities as well as Perth.

Of course! Depending on your location there are federal and state rebates available as well as interest free finance options. Contact us today to find out what you qualify for.

We can source any reputable brand sold in Australia but have our preferred suppliers that we are very familiar with. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help.

Unless your panels are laying flat or exposed to considerable debris, professional cleaning will often not yield a noticeable increase in production.